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My services include:

  • Consulting for parents and families with children with autism
  • Consulting for teachers and Schools
  • Consulting for other caregivers, such as leaders of sport’s clubs or children’s clubs, camp counselors, daycare staff, leaders of play groups, and so on.
  • Supervision of ABA teams as well as individuals seeking certification as BCBAs, BCaBAs, and RBTs
  • 1:1-ABA therapy for children with autism
  • Workshops and presentations about topics related to ABA or autism

The goals and intensity of any consultation are discussed with the client initially and agreed upon prior to the first meeting. The goals and the planned consultation hours will be evaluated regularly and continuously adapted to the client’s needs.

Potential topics of a consultation could include:

Coping with behavioral problems, such as tantrums, aggressive or self-injurious behaviors

Support at school or kindergarten

  • Preparation of entry into school or kindergarten, or transitions from one setting to another
  • Transitions and daily routines
  • Integration into kindergarten or School
  • Support with difficulties in kindergarten or School
  • Assistance with homework

Promotion of independence and self-help skills

  • Feeding and eating issues
  • Toilet training
  • Play skills

Social skills

  • Social interaction, e.g. eye contact, approaching others
  • Interaction with peers

Language and communication (including alternative means of communication, such as PECS®)

Understanding the child and the child’s behavior and explaining it to others (peers, grandparents, and so on)

Parent training on how to deal with difficulties in everyday life

Support and supervision of an ABA Team